Architecture . Graphic . Design . Communication

Quadrastudio plans walking on the edge that connects architecture, design and graphic: three apparently different fields, but surprisingly connected if meant as tools too coordinate and make things happen. An ambitious name, that guarantees the product quality, a team that deals with the project as a whole, an Agency born in Ravenna, Italy, but that is renowned for its projects on an international level.


It is nothing but the product of planning oriented to visual communication. It starts with a precise marketing strategy at the beginning, to move then to creative strategy. We deal with editorial graphic, advertising, media, packaging, photography, copywriting, web design e social.


If the graphic lives on a two-dimensional level, architecture becomes three-dimensional, something to touch, live and use. We think that the project mood must be the same, and this males our realisation coherent both is they are on paper or on concrete. We deal with houses, retails, spaces, hotels, but also events, outfitting and exhibitions booths.

image imaginent

The image in graphic and architecture is fundamental because the eye is the first sense that we use and it influences any following opinion. We work to create a corporate image that, in a complete project, starts from the naming, the graphic design of the brand logo, the creation of the brand, going through the architecture of the spaces, both exhibiting and work spaces, concluding with the product communication and the organisation of exhibitions and events.